Feb 27 2013

Dr. Bob Marshall Reports Seeing Increase in Diabetes

Dr. Bob reports he has seen an increase in diabetes in cats and dogs in the past two years.  You may have noticed the same trend in the human population.  If you notice your pet is drinking excessive amounts of water, has an increased appetite, and is urinating frequently, diabetes may be the culprit.  Diabetes may also produce an unexplained and sometimes drastic weight loss.  An effective diagnosis requires blood and urine testing.   When Dr. Bob presents pet owners with the diagnosis of diabetes and discusses the regimen of administering daily insulin injections, he often hears, “Oh, I can’t do that!”  The reality is we humans CAN learn new tricks and most of us will do whatever we can to ensure our pet(s)’ optimum health.  Dr. Bob will teach you how administer insulin to your pet and discuss with you necessary dietary changes.  He has seen dramatic improvement in his patients when their owners commit to managing their pet(s)’ diabetes.  The management of diabetes is a lifelong commitment, which Dr. Bob terms a work in progress.  Check out our website’s pet health section which includes discussions of the diagnosis and management of diabetes in the cat and the dog.  If your pet is exhibiting these symptoms, please give us a call at 405-721-2520.

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