Fleas, ticks, and heartworms, oh my!

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    2015 is a great year to help your pet get in shape!

    Jan 02 2015

    Did you know that obesity is today’s most significant health concern for pets today?  Just like humans, overweight pets are at risk for a variety of issues, including heart disease…

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    Happy Howl-i-days with Your Pets

    Dec 04 2014

    Years ago, Dr. Bob and I had two schnauzers, Sommer and Savannah.  One day after school, our daughter told us Sommer smelled like coffee.  And indeed she did as she…

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    Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

    Nov 10 2014

    You would have to live in a cave with no media access to be unaware the “polar vortex” is upon us.  What does that mean for your pets?  With the…

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    Dr. Bob on FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome)

    Oct 17 2014

    Have you noticed your cat urinating more frequently, staying in the litter box for prolonged periods, or urinating outside his/her litter box?  Your feline family member may be experiencing the…

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    Fall is a Great Time to Walk Your Dog!

    Sep 18 2014

    Have you vowed you will get back outside with your dog once the weather is cooler?  We hear that from many pet owners whose pets are overweight.  Fall is finally…

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    Cherokee Hills Mourns the Loss of Dr. Dean Naranche

    Aug 26 2014

    As many of you know, on August 20, 2014, Dr. Dean Naranche passed away after a brief illness.  Dr. Naranche established Cherokee Hills Veterinary Hospital in December 1969.  Dr. Naranche,…

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    How to Help Children Cope with Loss of a Pet

    Jul 30 2014

    When a beloved pet dies, we adults have experience that helps us comprehend death and move through the often painful grieving process.  For a child, a pet’s death may be…

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    Never, Ever, Leave Your Pet in a Parked Vehicle on a Hot (or Even Warm) Day

    Jun 30 2014

    We have all seen it–a car in a parking lot on a hot day with a barking dog inside.  Even with the windows cracked, the car can quickly turn into…

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    Dr. Bob Recommends Fecal Testing

    May 27 2014

    Puppies and kittens are especially likely to have intestinal parasites. Dr. Bob recommends fecal testing your new puppy or kitten. How do you accomplish that? Bring a fresh (within last…

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    Dr. Bob Recommends Senior Wellness Exams

    Apr 29 2014

    Did you know that pets over 7 years of age are considered senior pets? The aging process affects every organ system. An annual exam coupled with blood and urine testing…