Fleas, ticks, and heartworms, oh my!

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    Never, Ever, Leave Your Pet in a Parked Vehicle on a Hot (or Even Warm) Day

    Jun 30 2014

    We have all seen it–a car in a parking lot on a hot day with a barking dog inside.  Even with the windows cracked, the car can quickly turn into…

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    Dr. Bob Recommends Fecal Testing

    May 27 2014

    Puppies and kittens are especially likely to have intestinal parasites. Dr. Bob recommends fecal testing your new puppy or kitten. How do you accomplish that? Bring a fresh (within last…

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    Dr. Bob Recommends Senior Wellness Exams

    Apr 29 2014

    Did you know that pets over 7 years of age are considered senior pets? The aging process affects every organ system. An annual exam coupled with blood and urine testing…

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    Does Your Pet Predict Storms?

    Mar 25 2014

    Once again it’s severe weather season in Oklahoma. Your dog may be an astute meteorologist, predicting the arrival of thunder and lightning even before Mike Morgan dons his sparkly tie.…

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    Spring Brings Fleas and Ticks!

    Feb 28 2014

    With spring just around the corner, so too are the inevitable fleas and ticks. Dr. Bob suggests you begin thinking about your plan of attack for these pesky parasites. At…

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    Dr. Bob Offers February Dental Special!

    Jan 23 2014

    Did you know that over 68% of all dogs over the age of three are estimated to have some form of periodontal or dental disease? Your pet’s dental health is…

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    Dr. Bob on the Importance of Annual Exams

    Jan 03 2014

    Dr. Bob is sometimes asked how often a pet should be seen for a professional veterinary examination.  He routinely responds that annual vaccinations are vital to maintain your pet’s optimum…

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    Dr. Bob, what should I feed my new puppy?

    Dec 05 2013

    Our clients frequently ask Dr. Bob, “What food should I feed my dog/cat?”  The media bombards us with ads for pet food, leading us to believe grains are bad and…

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    Dr. Bob Advocates Microchipping

    Oct 29 2013

    Have your pet(s) been microchipped?  HomeAgain microchipping is the best way to ensure your pet(s)’ safe return to you if he or she is lost.  Sadly, without ID, 90% of…

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    Howl-o-weenie 2013!

    Oct 17 2013

    Join us Monday, October 21 from 5-6 pm for our annual Howl-o-weenie!  Enjoy spook-tacular Gigi’s cupcakes and take advantage of our specials on Old World Christmas pet ornaments. We have…