Fleas, ticks, and heartworms, oh my!

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    What does your senior pet need?

    Aug 25 2015

    If your pet is seven years old, he or she is a senior pet.  Dr. Bob advocates yearly exams for all pets, and senior pets are no exception.  An annual…

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    Is your cat diabetic?

    Jul 23 2015

    In June Dr. Bob and I accompanied our daughter and her family on a vacation to Florida.  Our grandcat, Mia, almost 9, was boarding at Cherokee Hills.  She loves to…

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    Oh ick! I just found a tick!

    Jun 02 2015

    Now that the Oklahoma rains have stopped, mosquitoes and ticks are plentiful.  We are gravitating toward products that offer flea AND tick prevention such as NexGard chewables, Advantix topical, and…

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    Storm anxiety?

    May 07 2015

    Is your pet becoming an astute meteorologist, predicting storms hours before they arrive?  Sometimes pets suddenly develop storm phobias after years of being unaffected by thunder and lightning.  Your pet…

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    Do flea and tick treatments prevent heartworms?

    Apr 16 2015

    Dr. Bob advised this is a common misconception. Not all flea and tick products are created equal.  Be sure to read product information carefully. Unless the product specifically states it…

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    Why is my puppy losing patches of hair?

    Mar 24 2015

    Your dog may have a condition we have seen at Cherokee Hills several times lately–demodectic mange.  Demodectic mange is caused by a microscopic mite and appears in puppies and young…

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    Why Should My Dog Have a Heartworm Test?

    Feb 26 2015

    For the past few years, Dr. Bob has strongly advocated a year-round monthly heartworm preventive (HeartGard or Iverhart) AND annual heartworm testing for dogs. We have stressed both prevention and…

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    Don’t Miss our February Pet Dental Special

    Feb 02 2015

    Have you been delaying having your pets’ teeth cleaned?  Tired of doggie/kitty breath and worried about the overall health impact of your pet’s dental issues?  Delay no more!  Our February…

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    2015 is a great year to help your pet get in shape!

    Jan 02 2015

    Did you know that obesity is today’s most significant health concern for pets today?  Just like humans, overweight pets are at risk for a variety of issues, including heart disease…

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    Happy Howl-i-days with Your Pets

    Dec 04 2014

    Years ago, Dr. Bob and I had two schnauzers, Sommer and Savannah.  One day after school, our daughter told us Sommer smelled like coffee.  And indeed she did as she…